Previously Developed Tools

  • Optimization models to analyze the behavior of electric power generators in a competitive market under LMP or (Standard Market Design) and to solve for the associated locational energy, ancillary services prices, and transmission congestion cost. These models were also used to analyze the behavior of market participants under oligopolistic competition, and simulated the market under various equilibrium conditions such as Cournot and Bertrand.
  • Software applications to demonstrate the operation of the Pennsylvania- New Jersey- Maryland (PJM) market under locational market clearing prices. This software was later used to implement the ex-post LMP Price calculator in PJM.
  • Helped in developing a software algorithm for the operation of the Italian electric power market.
  • A calculator for the zonal flowgates shadow prices on the ERCOT system using the published shift factors by the ERCOT ISO. This tool was used to help clients evaluate the market rules for transmission congestion and valuation of the auctioned transmission rights and determine a strategy to hedge their contracts against zonal price volatility.
  • Developed steady state voltage monitoring and control software and tested it on the New England electric power system. CES-US staff installed the software on the Rhode Island-Eastern Massachusetts-Vermont Energy Control Center at Westborough, Massachusetts and trained the center operators on using the software.
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