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Cambridge Energy Solutions (CES-US) is a software company with a mission to develop software tools for participants in deregulated electric power markets. CES-US provides information and tools to assist market participants in analyzing the electricity markets on a locational basis, forecast and value transmission congestion, and to understand the fundamental drivers of short and long term prices.

CES-US staff are engineers and economists with significant experience in the deregulated electricity markets in North America, with detailed knowledge of market particularities and software technology. Our staff experience covers a wide range of expertise in software development for:

  • Modeling of Competitive Electric Power Markets;
  • Forecasting Locational Prices of Energy, Installed Capacity, Transmission and Ancillary Services;
  • Valuation of Generation Assets and Portfolio Optimization;
  • Market Power Studies and Strategic Behavior Analysis; and
  • Electric Power Transmission Planning.
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