Day Ahead Market analyzer available for the CAISO, ERCOT, MISO, NEPOOL, NYISO, ONTARIO, PJM, SPP and WECC markets


    Transmission Analyzer

  • DAYZER Long

    A convenient GUI tool for running DAYZER simulations

  • DZBatch

    A command line tool for running DAYZER simulations

  • DZScript

    A DAYZER-specific scripting language

  • Dayzer Visualizer

    A geospatial tool for viewing the results of DAYZER simulations on a map.

  • DZ Reporter

    A charting tool for reporting DayZer input assumptions and simulation results

  • DZPSim

    A powerful simulation management tool

  • PJM MISO Grid

    Dayzer Visualizer snapshot of transmission system

  • PJM MISO Units

    Dayzer Visualizer snapshot of On line Units

Welcome to Cambridge Energy Solutions (CES-US)

Cambridge Energy Solutions (CES-US) is a software company with a mission to develop software tools for participants in deregulated electric power markets. CES-US provides information and tools to assist market participants in analyzing the electricity markets on a locational basis, forecast and value transmission congestion, and to understand the fundamental drivers of short- and long-term prices.