Dayzer Long-Term is a convenient GUI tool for running DAYZER simulations for many days at one time and saving the results to an Access, SQL, or Oracle database. Changes over time in unit availability and transmission system topology are handled dynamically and forecasted for the future by CES, as are other time-series inputs such as load by control area, fuel prices, reserve requirements, import/exports, emissions permit prices, temperature-based or seasonal line ratings, etc., so results are the same as if the simulation were run for just one day, and just like DAYZER short term, DayzerLong allows users to overwrite any CES data with their own private assumptions, even if those assumptions need to change during the course of the simulation due to market conditions. Results for each day can be output into a binary format readable by DAYZER short-term, so that market drivers can be examined in full detail. For aggregate analysis, DayzerLong output databases contain an extensive set of standard queries to evaluate price, generation, and congestion results over time, as well as the implied value of Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs).