DZNODE: Using Dayzer Web Interface and Distributed Run Manager (dznode), a multi-day Dayzer simulation can be split into many intervals and assigned to independent task processes that will run each interval in parallel on one or more host machines. It also provides a web based graphical user interface to the inputs and outputs of these simulations. For the details on how to make the best use of this application, please consult the Dayzer Node Help document which can be accessed online through various Help links or as a single PDF document included in the installation package.

Each DZNODE instance is installed as a Windows Service on a host machine and communicates with other dznode instances using HTTP over a user specified port. A Dayzer jobs database that allows dznode instances to discover each other and to maintain common state is also required and must be hosted on a SQL Server instance accessible from all host machines. Each dznode host machine must have Dayzer installed with the ODBC settings in the dayzer.ini file configured so that the input and output databases are hosted on the same SQL Server instance that hosts the Dayzer jobs database. User scenarios can be stored in the SQL Server input database or specified using MS Access files.